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: A burning question to ask before buying Robinhood IPO stock, and Americans aren’t cutting back on spending — even with rising inflation

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Biden urges local, state governments to pay newly vaccinated people $100 each

Meanwhile, the tax incentive for small business to help America’s vaccination effort just got sweeter Read More

Where should you go if society collapses? New Zealand

A group of scientists have figured out where humanity can survive our impending societal collapse: the Pacific Island country of New Zealand. Read More

It’s happening: Young people are moving to golf communities

Just over a year ago, private golf communities were worried about their future appeal to homebuyers. Then came Covid-19. Then came potential homebuyers. Then came waiting lists and inflated home prices. Read More

Remembering Ron Popeil, the visionary who helped America see the drama in shopping — and once tried to sell me a turkey fryer

The pitchman popularized the infomercial as a vehicle to sell one-of-a-kind products including the Showtime Rotisserie and Pocket Fisherman. Read More

I gave my parents a vintage car. They secretly agreed with my brother to take any upgrade costs out of my inheritance. Is that fair?

‘I did make it a conditional gift, in the sense I requested it be willed to me upon their passing.’ Read More

Americans aren’t cutting back on spending — even with rising inflation

Some 32% of U.S. consumers splurged on a vacation in the second quarter of this year, up seven percentages points from the first quarter. Read More

DJ Spinning Out: Zedd Lists His Beautiful Beverly Hills Mansion for $26.5M

The musician Anton Zaslavski — better known as Zedd — is looking to record a sale of his posh property in Beverly Hills, CA, Dirt reports. It’s available for $26.5 million. Read More

Nikola electric-truck prototypes were powered by hidden wall sockets, towed into position and rolled down hills, prosecutors say

Prosecutors said the prototypes didn’t function and were Frankenstein monsters cobbled together from parts from other vehicles. Read More

A burning question to ask before buying Robinhood IPO stock — will users ‘age out’ of the app?

The median age of a Robinhood user is 31. ‘Their serious money is not with Robinhood,’ says one financial adviser. Read More

As CDC reverses its mask guidance, Apple, Costco, Walmart and others have some soul searching to do

The agency now recommends that people, regardless of vaccination status, wear face masks indoors again in certain situations. Read More

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