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Key Words: Ray Dalio says Chinese stocks still ‘important part’ of a portfolio after crackdown

Are you, as one commentator put it, “an idiot” to want to buy Chinese stocks after recent losses? Not according to Ray Dalio, the founder of hedge-fund giant Bridgewater Associates, who made his comments in a LinkedIn post.

Dalio’s comments were made in wake of China’s separate crackdowns on Didi Global

and education companies, among other regulatory actions that have pressured Chinese equities.

To understand what’s going on you need to understand that China is a state capitalist system which means that the state runs capitalism to serve the interests of most people and that policy makers won’t let the sensitivities of those in the capital markets and rich capitalists stand in the way of doing what they believe is best for the most people of the country. Rather, those in the capital markets and capitalists have to understand their subordinate places in the system or they will suffer the consequences of their mistakes

— Ray Dalio, co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates

“As for investing, as I see it the American and Chinese systems and markets both have opportunities and risks and are likely to compete with each other and diversify each other. Hence they both should be considered as important parts of one’s portfolio,” added Dalio.

Both the Shanghai Composite

and Hang Seng

closed higher Monday after rocky weeks, which even after the advance has left the Hong Kong index 16% below its February high.

Chinese tech giant Alibaba

reports results on Tuesday.

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