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NewsWatch: Here’s another sign the bull market is near a peak, and this one bears watching


S&P 500 sectors’ relative strength rankings are flashing red. See full story.

Why retirees are better off safe than sorry

Are retirees with more assets more satisfied with their retirement lives? See full story.

I’m a 39-year-old single dad with $600,000 saved — I want to retire at 50 but don’t know how. What should I do?

Have a question about your own retirement savings? Email us at [email protected] See full story.

My boyfriend earns $230K. I’m in law school and make nothing. He wants a prenup. Is this a dealbreaker?

‘This upset me because I have always felt that a prenup means that he does not want to take care of me, and that he is prefacing our marriage with failure.’ See full story.

Florida or Floriduh? As it battles COVID-19 surge, the Sunshine State proves itself as weirdly defiant as ever

While case counts rise, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis proclaims Florida ‘a free state.’ See full story.


The Department of Education described this as a ‘final extension.’ See full story.

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