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NewsWatch: Labor Day has been a turning point in markets the last three years. Here’s what one strategist sees happening next.


The last three years, Labor Day marked a turning point in markets. Here’s what one strategist anticipates. See full story.

Crypto is ‘95% fraud, hype, noise and confusion,’ says Fed’s Neel Kashkari

Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari on Tuesday had some harsh words for the nascent crypto asset market. See full story.

‘My father has abandoned me twice in my life’: I found him when I was 30, but he moved his girlfriend in — and disinherited me

‘My dad told me he never remarried because he knew one day I would find him, and he would be ready.’ See full story.

‘When I go to the playground, my older son loves to try to interact with kids — and he doesn’t really know how’

A new study says kids born during the pandemic face developmental issues. Can parents find ways to help? See full story.

Biggest Social Security COLA in years coming, but it could be bigger

Social Security calculations could cost recipients hundreds of dollars a year See full story.


The red-hot housing market appears to be returning to a pre-pandemic normal pace of business. See full story.

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