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NewsWatch: This canary in the coal mine shows a 10% S&P 500 correction is getting closer. Play defense, say strategists


Our call of the day from Stifel is doubling down on a call for stocks to correct 10%. Here’s why markets are much closer to that point now. See full story.

How auto makers like Ford and GM are reimagining the future of car buying

Auto makers are speeding up the trend of making their mass-market vehicles nearly to order, one of the many ways that the pandemic and accompanying supply shortages and increased demand for one’s own wheels may have changed the industry for years to come. See full story.

What stocks and sectors will benefit from the infrastructure bill?

What assets are set to score a boost after the Senate on Tuesday passed a roughly $1 trillion infrastructure package with broad bipartisan support Tuesday, putting it on track to possibly be passed by the House and be signed into law by President Joe Biden? See full story.

Disney faces more doubts as delta variant prolongs pandemic fears

Just when Americans thought it was safe to return to fun and games, the delta variant has abruptly changed the situation, and no company may feel the pinch more than Walt Disney Co. See full story.

Planning to retire? Here’s a list of at least 14 things to account for first

A beginner’s list to planning retirement See full story.


Multiple sclerosis affects nearly 1 million Americans. Here’s what you need to know. See full story.

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