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Personal Finance Daily: How college closures affect taxpayers and students, and could a Peruvian ‘bourbon’ and a banana-flavored whiskey be the next big things in booze?

TGIF, MarketWatchers. Enjoy your weekend and don’t miss these top stories:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Sells Marin County Mansion for $5.9M

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has sold his Marin County home in the enclave of Kentfield, CA, for $5,895,000. Read More

Heat-related deaths are expected to rise after 1.7 million people died in 2019 due to extreme temperatures: study

While cold weather is linked to more deaths, two new studies find that extreme heat can be more harmful in areas where it’s already hot. Read More

I’m an ‘elder millennial’ with $2 million in investments but a low monthly income. Should I spend my savings to buy a home in San Francisco?

‘I am still unable to qualify for any sort of loan required to purchase a home here and would likely have to pay cash for any home I purchase.’ Read More

Weekend reads: What to do if a company you trust has failed to protect your personal data

Plus: the Tesla Bot, making your money last and where to live when you retire. Read More

How college closures affect taxpayers and students: ‘You stole my money and I’m $188,000 in debt and for what?’

This week’s Extra Credit continues our series examining the downfall of a chain of colleges Read More

Could a Peruvian ‘bourbon’ and a banana-flavored whiskey be the next big things in booze?

Bar Convent Brooklyn, a major convention for all things alcoholic, showcased some of the newest — and oddest — sips on the market. Read More

Lack of diversity in patent holders means ‘half of the population’ isn’t getting needs met, economist Lisa Cook says

Patent holders are still largely white, male and wealthy, research shows. Read More

10 service tips to add value and extend the life of your vehicle

With both new and used vehicle prices hitting all-time highs, it might be smart to hang on to the car you have. Here’s some maintenance and repairs to catch up on. Read More

(Not) made in the USA: Defense contractor sold U.S. military ‘American’ goods that were made in China

The contractor provided everything from swimming trunks for West Point cadets to spools of concertina wire, all made in China, prosecutors said. Read More

Over 100 million U.S. households paid no federal income tax last year

‘If this was a permanent and not a pandemic-driven phenomenon, this would be very troubling to me.’ Read More

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