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Personal Finance Daily: Will I get my Social Security check if the government shuts down and how the care worker crisis threatens the U.S. economy

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‘I’m taking care of everybody, and now I want somebody to take care of me’ — How the care worker crisis threatens the U.S. economy

Care workers can’t earn less and families can’t pay more. The pandemic made things worse. Read More

Will I get my Social Security check if the government shuts down? Here’s how a shutdown would affect Social Security, tax refunds and federal paychecks

The Senate could vote Wednesday on a stopgap measure to keep the government funded through early December Read More

Pending home sales unexpectedly surge higher, as the housing market paves the way for a rebound

After two months of declines, the number of Americans who signed a contract to buy a home rose markedly higher in August. Read More

My husband and I took care of his mother for 4 years. His brother said we could have her house — now he wants to kick us out

‘Now that housing prices have increased so much in Tennessee, his brother has decided that he wants to sell the house.’ Read More

The average amount wealthy households donated to charity in 2020 — and their favorite causes

The share of people in the U.S. who donate to charity has fallen over the past two decades. Read More

An ‘everyday sports car’ the new Elantra N is everything Hyundai has to offer

Part of the company’s subbrand that offers high-performance editions of its ordinary cars, this one lets you tune artificial engine noises Read More

4 essential concepts for managing business success

To make informed business decisions you need to be able to understand your financial performance. Here are 4 metrics you should know. Read More

Anderson Cooper may not be leaving a fortune to his son, but financial pros say there are good reasons to help your kids

By supporting your children, you’re providing them a measure of security — and you can put in safeguards to ensure the money won’t go to waste. Read More

My elderly stepfather and his pastor opened a bank account together. Is this normal?

‘John will do almost anything for his pastor.’ Read More

FTC shuts prison magazine subscription company for taking $2.2 million from inmates for subscriptions

After the prisoners sent their money, they rarely ever received any magazines from Inmate Magazine Service, a company run by Roy Snowden. Read More

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